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February 17, 2019

Sorry to be harsh – but many online marketers are totally clueless.

Clueless that after investing their hard earned money and time into creating products, going through the agonizing approval process to get their products on Clickbank, finally getting a buy button online...

Their products are quietly being stolen by hackers and product pirates.

Joe Cool buys your product legitimately and while lurking, decides to post a link to your product download page in a secret forum. You check your stats only to discover your product has been downloaded more times than you have buyers.

And they don't even have to be hackers in the crazy voodoo sense of the word. It could even be a seemingly innocent person who found your product simply by searching Google.
Sally searches for "dog training download" and BAM! your Clickbank Thank You page(s) appear high atop the search engines.

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It happens more often than you think.

Just look at Saj P & Phil M's Banner Ad Blueprint product that launched earlier in 2010. What was the #1 result for "banner ad blueprint download"?

You guessed it – none other than Saj & Phil's Banner Ad Blueprint Clickbank product download page.

Don't get too excited because they wise up and secured their thank you page, too.
If it can happen to big name marketers (many people know Saj's name in the internet marketing industry) do you think it might be able to happen to you, too?

Even though Saj's launch banked decent money, they could have made even more by catching their unsecured thank you page before the product pirates ransacked their treasure.

FACT: 80% of expensive digital content is freely available without payment on the internet
As a programmer and fellow product owner who also sells their products via Clickbank, I am concerned with security.

Remember how we just talked about noticing products being downloaded more often than we have buyers?

Well, that happened to me as I was checking my stats one day, gazing out of the window at a bright sunny day, when to my shocking horror, my product download link had been spread on a secret forum. The day suddenly did not seem so sunny any longer.

So, I was mad for a moment because like you, I invested my hard earned time and money into creating that product only to have it stolen by Joe Cool and his band of internet misfits.
Immediately realizing that getting mad was not going to fix the situation, I set out to create a solution.

A solution that would secure my thank you page for good.
Now, when I mentioned being concerned with security because I was a fellow product owner who also sells their products via Clickbank... that is not a reflection on Clickbank because they are a solid service provider who even goes the extra mile to show you how to take preventative measures to protect your thank you page with basic security.

Adding "no follow" tags to your Robots.txt file is a smart step but it's simply not enough on today's digital internet.

And who has the time as a busy product owner to learn coding on top of launching your new product?!

You have a product that works and truly helps people... sure, you'd love to give it away while we all go skip through the park together.

Well, that and you know as well as I do that unless someone has some skin in the game (read: money) they're a lot less likely to take your product seriously and actually use it.

How will people ever tell their friends about your product if they don't take it seriously and use it?!
... on top of that:

Look, I have a daughter and I know what it's like when she looks me in the eye, counting on me to take care of her.

Without my business, I can't do that.
Maybe you don't have a daughter, but I am sure you have someone significant to you who counts on you to take care of them. Maybe that someone is you and your business is your ticket to freedom.

Sure, Raakesh, all this because my thank you page was unsecure.
Well, I don't know about you, but if my business was going to bust because of an unsecure thank you page, don't you think you would be smart to rise above the clueless and secure your thank you page?

You worked hard so you don't want your work being shared or stolen.
Imagine for a moment that you forgot to secure your thank you page and Joe and Sally both find your product, share it with their friends, who share it with their friends, meanwhile you're wondering why you are not making any sales of your product.

Joe Cool decides to send an email containing a link to your product download page and now that email gets passed around virally to even more people who otherwise would have paid for your product had you secured your thank you page. (by the way, the software solves this too, more on that in a bit)

Not so cool, Joe...
First of all, SNAP OUT OF IT!
Now, imagine you secured your thank you page from the hackers and product pirates.
You log in to check your stats and notice you have a couple extra downloads than you have buyers today. You're not worried because you have the peace of mind TYPage Protector gives you. You simply locate where the extra downloads were coming from (the software does this for you) and remove the download link before any real damage has been done.
It's a beautiful thing, isn't it?
I get it.

... that's why I created TYPage Protector.
Snazzy name I know, whatya want – I am a programmer
It gets to the point and shows you what you want – a TYPage Protector.
Now, before you run to the hills thinking this is going to be confusing or frustrating to set up – RELAX – I got you covered.
Remember how we talked earlier about focusing on your product launch and how you just wanted the process to go simply, securely, and profitably?

That's right!
Here's an easy-to-use software solution to secure your thank you page(s) once and for all.
Here's what TYPage Protector does for you

(You might not be able to change Google to stop them from indexing your thank you page, but you can deny access to people who find your product that way, sending them straight to the sales page.)

(When Joe tries to share your thank you page with the world, how cool would it be to stop him dead in his tracks?!)

You can with TYPage Protector
This software solution will track and log legitimate orders that come in by integrating with Clickbank sales data.

That's geek speak for using unique information to verify the sale and tracking it to the original buyer. What that means is you have a unique download link, which does two very important things for you:
1. You can set it so that your customer has 2 attempts to download your product within a four hour period (you have the freedom to choose)
2. Since TYPage Protector integrates with Clickbank sales data, your software will check to make sure a successful payment has been made before releasing access to your thank you page.

(Similar products make you buy a monthly subscription and/or force you to control multiple domains from 1 website. With TYPage Protector you have the freedom to control multiple sites from 1 domain or you can install the software on each unique product URL)
Not only do you have the freedom to choose – you get the freedom for a lifetime at a one-time low investment... no hidden recurring charges here.

(Perfect for product launches and limited time special offers – you can stay in integrity and really cause your thank you page to expire when you said you would!)
If you've been around the internet marketing industry for awhile, you know that's not always the case.

(If you are looking for a host, I recommend Host Gator or Bluehost because both are fully compatible with TYPage Protector and offer cPanel hosting at very reasonable prices.)
If you want to use a different host, you have the freedom to do that, too, make sure your web host meets these requirements:
- Apache / Windows IIS
- PHP or above
- MySQL 4 or above
- Cpanel / Plesk
(your webmaster and your wallet will thank you)

(Installing TYPage Protector is easier than you may think.
You either run one program on your computer that will upload TYPage Protector and make it easy for you to set up on your website...
Manually install it yourself (or outsource it to your webmaster) and breathe yet another sigh of relief when you see how easy it is to install.

(And that's not all!
(had to work that in somehow)
Have an issue you want solved?
How about a feature you want added?

We provide legendary customer service and my support team is ready to help you out – at no charge. (yes, we care about your success)

You are one click away from thwarting those product pirates and increasing your productivity from the way TYPage Protector puts your mind at ease knowing your products are secure:
Freedom to run your biz without the added stress!

Ok, Raakesh, what's my investment in that freedom?

Well, similar products run about $147 but you don't get my winning support team
Secure Thank You Page would be a "steal" at $127 – a powerful product at a proficient price
Then, I realized just how much an extra $30 might mean to you right now – after paying Clickbank to set up your product, and whatever other fees went into your product creation.

Maybe that $30 has to go to help support your family this week – I get it – remember how we talked about family earlier?

So, what I decided to do as a special offer to you, my fellow Clickbank product owner, is to make TYPage Protector a low-one-time-investment of just $97
Is your peace of mind worth $97?!

To know your products are safe and secure, just like your family
To save you $100s or even $1,000s to hackers and product pirates
You are even secured by Clickbank's 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

If, for any reason, in the next 60 days from the date of your investment in TYPage Protector, you are not happy with the software, you will receive a 100% refund on your investment.
Your investment is made securely through Clickbank

Yes, Raakesh, give me TYPage Protector
I understand I will be downloading TYPage Protector immediately
For a low one time investment of just $97
Owning and Securing Your Thank You Page(s)
With TYPage Protector Is Like
Having A Digital Watch Dog 24/7

I offer a Full 60 Days Money Back Guarantee. If you are not happy with the results, I'll refund your investment.

This Web site is secured with a GoDaddy.com Web Server Certificate. Transactions on the site are protected with up to 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer encryption.

Please read our Terms and Conditions. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Wish you good luck with your product(s).

To your Success
Raakesh Blokhra

P.S. Secure your products on your thank you page today with TYPage Protector before you lose $100s to $1,000s
P.P.S. When was the last time an internet marketer looked out for you? Secure your copy of TYPage Protector today for only $97 before I come to my senses.